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  • Julia Hobart

Twin Cities Massage comes to George Floyd Square

We sat down with Adeliah Mulli, owner of Twin Cities Massage, and talked about healing, resources for 38th Street, and the experience of being a small business owner. Adeliah recently moved Twin Cities Massage to the Goodrich offices at 730 East 38th Street in George Floyd Square.

What is your vision for your work?

I have a vision of creating a space for healing and solace on 38th Street. I use a variety of massage modalities to induce relaxation and facilitate healing in my clients. My goal is to facilitate a healing experience for those in the Powderhorn Park community. However, many of my existing clients reside throughout the city of Minneapolis at-large.

How does your work contribute to community health and racial healing, more broadly?

We need more people of color in wellness spaces in general and more massage therapists of color in Minnesota. I’m happy to contribute to that in the way that I can, even if it’s just being present in the wellness space. My hope is that it will be easier and more convenient for people in the community to take part in wellness and healing. Anyone that feels they could benefit is welcome at Twin Cities Massage.

What inspires you to work and collaborate with this community?

38th Street has been through more than most communities throughout the duration of the pandemic. I feel that one of the needs at the forefront of the 38th Street community is the facilitation of healing. I would love to bring any amount of peace into this community that I can.

38th Street United advocates for resources for the 38th Street corridor. What resources do you anticipate needing as a business in this area?

At this point, it’s visibility! My business is new to the area, and I’m still getting to know my neighbors. I think small businesses in the area would appreciate the 38th Street Corridor getting the financial resources the area needs because it has been underserved.

What has been your experience as a new business owner?

It’s cliched, but the path to success is absolutely not linear. Being a small business owner is an emotional roller coaster. Massage was my first career, but I’m also a registered nurse. I did not enter massage therapy with the intent of starting a business, but I ended up starting Twin Cities Massage while in nursing school, after the last COVID lockdown. The journey of small business ownership has taught me so much about discipline, determination, and believing in myself. My clients motivate me to continually brainstorm how I can grow and improve my practice.

I think COVID really caused a lot of us to turn inward and think about what we were prioritizing in our lives. It showed many of us that we hadn’t been prioritizing ourselves or our own wellness. My clients seek bodywork at Twin Cities Massage as part of a more balanced lifestyle.

What are you most excited for looking ahead?

I’m looking forward to continuing to learn about all the different avenues for Twin Cities Massage to grow. Whether it’s focusing more on education or expanding the modalities I offer. The vision for Twin Cities Massage is growing, evolving, and changing month by month.

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