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38th Street United (38SU) aims to support and encourage all initiatives that can contribute to community healing, health, equity, and justice in all of its forms along and near the 38th Street corridor. 


Partners in the coalition understand that the community’s diversity will result in a variety of groups and efforts working simultaneously to further community health. As a result, 38SU will continually look for opportunities to partner, align, and support the efforts of other organizations, coalitions, and individuals who see their work as part or separate from this effort.

Our Mission

In service of unifying the many community-building efforts occurring along and near 38th Street,  the 38SU will work together to catalog, amplify, and resource the people, places, and efforts that aim to contribute to healing, equity, growth, and health along the 38th Street corridor.  
The people, places, policies, and programs that serve the 38th Street corridor, and nearby community, will reduce systemic cultural inequities, and strengthen all social determinants of health in the area by being adequately resourced. 
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Photo By David Pierini

Our Values

Equity, justice, and healing is essential and more than a movement.

Community voices and action are the key to deepening community health.

Improving community health among all marginalized communities guides our work.

Our Vision


Explore documents that speak to our structure and founding.

Organizing Members

Who's at the table...

organizations, coalitions, community leaders, residents, and business owners

Cara Carlson, Anam Cara House

Nesret Theba, ATJW, LLC

PJ Hill, Bryant Resident

Dan Swenson-Klatt, Butter Bakery Cafe

Carmen Means, Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization

Victoria Lauing, Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center

Alicia D. Smith, Corcoran Neighborhood Organization

Anthony Taylor, Cultural Wellness Center

Corrie Zoll, Cultural Wellness Center

Minkara Tezet, Cultural Wellness Center

Dan Coleman, First and Third Properties

Jamie Schumacher, LISC Twin Cities

Noel Raymond, Pillsbury House & Theatre

Signe Harriday, Pillsbury House & Theatre

Julia Holtemeyer, Powderhorn Resident

Julia Hobart, Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association

Tabitha Montgomery, Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association

Scott Redd, Sabathani Community Center

Council President Andrea Jenkins, Ward 8 City Council Office

Deebaa Sirdar, Ward 8 City Council Office

Zoe Bourgerie, Ward 8 City Council Office

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