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A Community Fueled Coalition

A Community Fueled Coalition

Dedicated to securing and deploying resources that support the people and places along, and near, the 38th Street corridor through a cultural, historical, and present day lens.

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Photo By Guthrie Byard

We are

An emerging group of community members, organizations, business owners, elected leaders, and allies working together to help resource and enliven the 38th St. Cultural Corridor in Minneapolis.

We will

Consistently work to understand community priorities, help amplify existing community assets, attract a wide range of resources, and create accessible ways for people, businesses, and organizations in the community to access them. 

We need

A wide range of partners and collaborators. Folks willing to share their dreams for community health, those with vision and commitment to building an equitable community, and institutions and people able to contribute time and funding to this aim. 

Share Your Story

Tell us more about a project, or vision for your business on 38th Street! 

We're collecting stories from the folks working along the corridor to illuminate this year.

Please answer the questions below, with no more than 3-4 sentences per question.

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