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  • Hannah Kamath

A Next-Level Legislative Agenda for 38th Street

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

The time for investment into the 38th Street Cultural Corridor is long overdue. Although last year’s Main Street Revitalization Program contributed $1.9 million to community projects along 38th Street, existing resources fall hundreds of millions of dollars short of the true need in the community.

That’s why 38th Street United is excited to support the Next Level MSP Act.

Next Level MSP Act

This proposed legislation would appropriate $400 million of state funding for small business recovery and equitable economic development in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. The proposal sets aside $25 million each for 38th Street, Lake Street, West Broadway, and St. Paul Midway – a total of $100 million. Funds will be deployed towards programs with demonstrated success in economic development: technical assistance, small business loans or grants, redevelopment, beautification, accessibility, place-making, and more. The remaining $300 million would support redevelopment and business improvement projects for businesses and nonprofits that serve areas affected by the uprising and/or historical disinvestment.

As drafted, Next Level MSP requires administering organizations to create a process for community engagement and review to inform how funds are used. 38th Street United believes “decisions should be made with community and not for community” as Scott Redd, CEO of Sabathani Community Center, puts it. By requiring a community engagement process, the Next Level program can help make sure community members have a seat at the table.

Take Action Today

Sign this letter to show your support for investment in 38th Street and other Twin Cities corridors. Minnesota has a $17 billion budget surplus this year. The time for investment is now, and your voice is essential!



This agenda has been retitled Cultural Corridor Recovery and the funding ask reduced to improve the chances of needed support. Cultural Corridor Recovery aims to provide critical funding to small businesses and organizations along and near select commercial corridors. This includes HF 3028, in the House of Representatives, and SF 3035 in the State Senate. HF 3028 allocates $125 million for recovery and rebuilding efforts of commercial corridors most impacted by the 2020 civil uprising.

  • Why is this important? The Cultural Corridor Recovery would bring material resources into our communities seeking to take steps against longstanding, historic divestment, and institutional barriers.

  • Who is championing this legislation and who will this help? The Lake Street Council drafted the legislation and PPNA is proud to support it along with our partners in 38th Street United. The Cultural Corridor Recovery would bring material resources to the vibrant small business community in the Twin Cities!

  • Where can I learn more? Learn more here.

  • How can I support? Sign on here.

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